Out of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen is an area that you spend a majority of your time—cooking, cleaning, eating, and gathering with friends and family. It’s time to bring the chaos in your kitchen to order with these new, innovative ways to organize your kitchen pantry and cabinets. These tips and tricks will help you find a place for everything and enjoy your kitchen again.

Kitchen Organization Tips

First, it’s important to keep your kitchen counters, drawers, and cupboards clutter-free. Covered with chalkboard paint, a pantry door can serve as the perfect place to keep a running shopping list. You can also clear up the clutter and make the most of your countertops by using a cake stand to hold olive oil, salt, pepper, and other frequently used seasonings. The stand makes it easy to find and use these ingredients while you cook, and gives you space to arrange other herbs and spices around the base of the pedestal. A deep drawer can be a great spot for pots and pans near the stovetop. You can also use drawers to hold dishware by adding dish divider dowels to keep plates, bowls, and saucers stacked tightly in place. Make sure the drawer is equipped with quality sliding hardware that can hold the weight of dishes when the drawer is fully extended. To eliminate the search for the right pot or pan lid while cooking, store them neatly: Place a wooden peg rack in a cupboard, and line up the lids vertically between the pegs.

You stay extra organized, use dividers. Keep items from rattling around inside drawers by adding an insert or drawer divider that maintains order so you quickly spot what you need. Fit small containers between dividers when you have especially tiny objects to corral.

When it comes to cleaning supplies, intrusive plumbing pipes, the sink bottom, and pullout hoses can make bringing order beneath the kitchen sink a particular challenge. To combat this, use stackable acrylic or wire shelving that fits beside and below the sink U pope to make the most of available space. Some wire bin units slide out to make it easy to retrieve items at the back. Additionally, don’t let your kitchen rags and dishwashing gloves clutter the sink area. Instead, think about hanging them from hooks screwed to the inside of a cabinet door, where the items can stay out of sight as they dry.

When it comes to groceries stacked up in the pantry, we know that individual servings of prepackaged snacks are almost impossible to stack. Gather a few little containers to hold like items in your pantry and create an organized look. You’ll also be able to tell at a glance when it’s time to go grocery shopping again.

While good organization can take quite a bit of time to perform, it’s definitely worth it in the end. You’ll be happy to find your kitchen back in tip-top shape, and you’ll be even happier you can find everything!