So, you want to stock up your pantry with healthy snacks instead of the usual sugar and GMO filled snacks you would find in many other pantries all around. Well, here is a great guide to stocking your pantry with some snacks that are not only healthy, but taste great. It is funny how people usually associate healthy foods with bad tastes, but in reality, once you step away from all of the chemical flavoring and eat healthy and organic snacks, you will realize that the flavor is, in many cases, better. Now I won’t bore you with all of the talk about why you should eat healthy and what it can do for you, and I will get right to the pantry stocking guide.

Before you can truly stock up your pantry with healthy foods, you will need to clear up the space if you have not already. You may also want to throw out any food items that you haven’t touched in a while or that you never got around to using them for that recipe you wanted to try four months ago. Once you clear up some shelf space, try and decide what categories of snack items go on which shelf and where on that shelf. The better you organize and keep your pantry like that consistently, the more likely you are to want to eat those healthy snacks, as well as realize when you are out of one of them and you need to restock.

Alright, lets get on to what you should be stocking in your pantry. First up are organic nuts or seeds. This is a tasty way to get protein and fats in that are good for you, without costing very much and also being easy to store. You will want to make sure you buy organic nuts and to also make sure there are no additives. Next are protein bars, which should be in every pantry that will ever exist. There are so many different brands and flavors to choose from, so you will need to go with personal preference on this choice and pick out good flavors from brands that have healthy bars. Try to avoid bars that are filled with sugar, since these are not always the best for you.

Next is a common favorite for snacking on, and that is jerky. Now, it really does matter what brand of jerky you buy, because many have tons of preservatives and artificial flavoring that is no good in a healthy pantry, so be sure to look for organic jerky, or even grass fed jerky if you can find it. Another great dried food option is dried fruit. But you have to be very cautious when buying dried fruit, since many have tons of added sugar that is not beneficial for you. You want to get dried fruit that has not been coated in too much sugar.

Last up are organic chips. It really doesn’t matter what flavor you get, but just that the chips are organic with no added flavors or preservatives. Trust me, if you plan on actually eating these snacks, you won’t need any of the preservatives added into them, because they are just that good