clean windows bathroom kitchen

It almost goes without saying, but having clean windows can really bring your bathroom or kitchen to life. I see many homeowners who do a complete kitchen or bathroom makeover, to put up large window coverings that block much of the natural light that would normally come into the room. My recommendation is to keep the window coverings to a minimum and let as much natural light come into the kitchen or bathroom as possible. In the bathroom area, you might opt for some glass blocks for the window to keep anyone from seeing in, but other than that, let as much natural light come into the room as you can.

Natural Lighting For Kitchens And Baths Through Windows

Natural lighting in these rooms really accomplishes several things. One, you will save money on electricity with having to light them with bright light bulbs. Secondly, you will be amazed at the difference that natural lighting provides to a room. It will really make the colors pop, the tiles glisten with their natural reflective colors and the natural lighting brings a look that is really difficult to achieve with artificial lighting. Lastly, as far as architecture design goes, a solid interior designer will be able to provide you with options to keep the natural lighting maximized and the artificial lighting to a minimum.

Benefits of natural lighting

Well, as humans, we need natural lighting. Although today’s windows often have UV blockers in them, the natural light will have a positive effect on your well being. Your plants in these areas will also love the natural lighting that the windows will provide. Make sure you keep the windows free and clear of lots of window dressings and get your windows cleaned a few times a year to allow for the beautiful natural light and enjoyment to pour through.

Drop us a comment below if you have other natural lighting tips to help make a kitchen or bathroom come to life.