We all find ourselves in a scramble to think of something to make for dinner. After a long day of work and attention set away from dinner plans, having some easy quick recipes on hand can really make dinner on a super busy day super easy. There are a few certain ingredients that you will want to keep stocked and ready to go so that if you really need a go-to dinner recipe, not only do you know how to make it, but you have all of the ingredients ready to go as well. Also, for this recipe lists purposes, you will want to have a crock pot for some of the recipes. If you don’t have one, they aren’t too expensive and can really make it easy for you to make dinner, as some recipes can just be left to cook throughout the day, and when dinnertime comes along, the food is already cooked and ready to be served.

One meal that is really easy to make and only requires a minimal amount of ingredients is pasta. A simple but great meal is spaghetti with meat sauce and parmesan cheese. All you need to keep stocked are the pasta noodles, ground beef, tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese. Sides that go really well are steamed vegetables like asparagus or mixed vegetables. Another pasta option is any Asian noodle bowl. These are very simple to make and there are a ton of different options as to what kind of spices and ingredients you want to put in it.

Like I said before, crock pots are super useful to have in your kitchen and if for some reason you don’t already have one, you should definitely look into buying one. It can make your life much easier with meals that cook throughout the day and are ready at dinnertime. One meal that is very easy to make in a crock pot is chili. You could do Italian pork chili or beef chili with any sort of chili mix and spices added in. I would recommend adding corn to beef chili to give it some sweeter flavor in every bite. Corn bread makes a very good side to this meal, and saltine crackers can be great to use as a crushed up topping to the chili or as a way to scoop up the chili onto the cracker to eat if it is thick enough.

Casseroles and lasagna are also very easy to prepare and can range in cooking times that can be planned ahead to be ready by the time you usually sit down to eat. Taco soup is another great option that is super easy to throw together with beef, vegetables, beans and some sauce. If you have a grill, throw on some carrots and onions and add some flare to the soup. Chicken noodle soup is also another great soup option that is even easier to put together and very simple to cook.

These are some very simple and great tasting recipes where in most cases can be last minute decisions that can be made quick.